Q: How often are proxies checked?

All proxies are re-tested about every 1-2 hours. Testing more often than that could lead to unnecessary server load on the proxies and allow the proxy to die sooner than it would have otherwise. We have found that checking every 1-2 hours is a good indicator of the proxy's stability (and uptime).

Q: What program can I use to check the proxies?

We recommend using Proxy Multiply.

Q: Do you offer a free trial? I want to see what your service is like before I buy.

If you sign up for a free account on our website, you can activate a free 1 day trial of the premium services from within your user control panel.

Q: How do I enable receiving the daily email?

To receive our daily emails, you must be a paid member. Once you are a paid member, access your user control panel and look for a checkbox near the bottom that says 'Receive a daily email with our most recently checked proxy list?'. Check the box and click Save. You will now receive our emails once per day!

Q: What time are the daily emails sent out at?

Our server will send emails out at 6:00 PM EST every day.

Q: What does the daily email proxy list look like?

You will receive a list of our most recently checked proxies, separated into proxy type (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Scrapebox (Google) proxies).

Q: Your website said that a proxy was alive but it was not working ("dead") when I tried to use it.

Please verify that you have the proper proxy settings in the program you are attempting to use the proxy with. You may also have connection issues on your end preventing you from connecting to the proxy, such as a firewall block.

If you have verified that your settings are correct and the connection is not being blocked, then the proxy may indeed be dead. We supply proxies to the public that are accessed potentially by hundreds of people simultaneously. The more that a proxy is used, the higher the chance is that the proxy will die. However, because all proxies are checked at least once an hour, the dead proxy will be pruned from the database in due time.

Q: Where did you get your fantastic icons for the country flags?

Right here!

Q: I completed an offer for points toward a free premium proxy subscription but I haven't received credit for the offer.

Please allow up to 24 hours for an offer to credit. If you still have not received credit after 24 hours then your submission was rejected by the advertiser. It could be due to supplying false information, supplying information that was previously used or because the offer was not available in your country.

Q: I paid for 30 days of subscription time but I only used your service for part of the time. Can I get a partial refund?

Due to the nature of the service we provide, a climate exists for our product such that buyers could purchase our product (proxies) and sell them or share them elsewhere. Thus, the data is considered sensitive, and in order to secure our data and ensure we are compensated for the information we provide, we require that users subscribe at a flat rate of 30 days or more. No refunds will be issued and all sales are final.

Page last updated February 5, 2014. Have a question that isn't answered? Please contact us.